Friday, 14 December 2012


A few mates have started up Relics, by Tor Gaming ( and as ive really liked the Neum range since it was first previewed last year on Beasts of War, i decided to get involved and get myself a Neum starter box and a faction dice and pouch set.


This is the army built and based, it consists of a Specialis pueri (The cloaked female), 3 Paenitentiam (The halfling flagellents) and a Dolor Dedicatius (The big guy!), and comes in at 97pts so is a good match for the other starters that my mates will be fielding.

The chains on the paen were, quite fittingly, a pain to fit together, i fixed mine all down for safer transport rather than all flailing about and extra fragile!

More to follow when they are finished :-D

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