Wednesday, 31 December 2014

An Early Happy New Years!

Im going to get this in early doors today as I doubt i'll be seeing in the new years haha, the missus and I are knackered from decorating all day and have been up since 3.30am with gitish children!

So I wish all my friends, clients, fellow bloggers and casual readers a happy new year and may your dice roll 6's and the paint flow freely hehe.

This year I have painted a grand total of 862 models, well over 500 for clients which has made me really proud... the total is higher than the last two years combined on both counts.

My vows for 2014 were as follows:

1) Fully paint my Drunes for Darklands
2) Fully paint a new force for Warmachine
3) Fully paint my Amazons & Wendigo for Wargods
4) Fully paint my Banebrood for Godslayer
5) Only start 2 new games this year... Darklands and Wargods

1) Completed up to date
2) Searforge and Thornfall fully painted
3) Not arrived from Crocodile Games yet :-(
4) Completed and then sold on
5) Success haha

Pretty good I think, so how about for 2015?

1) Fully painted Farrow for Warmachine
2) Fully painted Gators for Warmachine
3) Fully painted Pulp City
4) Fully painted Darklands

Those are my vows, hopefully I can achieve them again :-D


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