Thursday, 25 December 2014

Spotlight: Illumistation from Westwood Woodworks

First of all, Happy Xmas brush brothers! Hope you have all had a great day and got a great haul for the lead mountain hahaha!

This year my awesome wife bought me an Illumistation from Westwood Wood Works! What a result hehe! I really fancied getting one of these to replace the shoebox lids I normally use as paint stations since I saw them advertised a few months ago but now I have one they are epic:

The last photo hasn't come out too well but it shows the two trays for storage of the plug wiring and also brushes/greenstuff etc. My wife ordered me a black one so I can get my logo stickered on to the side yeah boi!

My thanks to Andrew and Jenny Westwood for a swift and safe delivery.

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