Saturday, 11 June 2016

Age of Sigmar: Gordrakk, The Fist of Gork

Boom! this bad boy has taken nearly a week of painting to get finished haha but he's finally done:

Gordrakk is the most biggest, baddest orruk in all the realms, and his raging potato Maw Crusha is just as hardcore!

We played the vandalise battle plan from the Ironjawz book on wednesday, i teamed up with nurgle Rotbringers to break through a combined Sylvaneth and Free Guild line... these are some seriously hard orruks, hits bounced off the armour and they crushed all before them!


  1. What a brutal looking and fearsome miniature.
    I like him a lot, you did a great job picking the colours and painting him.

    1. Cheers it's really taken the wyvern look and cranked it to 11 haha


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