Saturday, 25 June 2016

Wasteman: MODz Kickstarter!

Thunderchild Miniatures, the creaters of the awesome Wasteman, have just lauched a new kickstarter to find some gribbly monsters called Mutant Organic Degenerates (MODz):

Ive been lucky to have seen Jason's progress on sculpting these as well as other unreleased Wasteman miniatures and have to say the range is one of my favourites, really suiting my painting style and having a well written and tested game supporting the line that my kids are able to play is a great bonus.

The MODz are especially great for gamers as they come in two parts with toppers and bases that can be freely mixed about in the range. Not only does this let Wasteman players create larger posses from a small selection of minis but makes them a great alternative for other systems... namely Kings of War and Age of Sigmar! These fit on a 40mm square base or 50mm round base and would be awesome as spawn for Chaos or Varangur armies.

The larger Chimera will fit nicely on a chariot sized base so will be great for some of the larger beasts or even as a heavy/monstrous cavalry model:

Us Wasteman players are well looked after with stat cards and some very manly bottle caps for activations haha:

Im in, i love these models and will be getting a full posse of these "beauties" hehe, just wait till the stretch goals get unlocked, there are some cracking minis coming!!! Get pledging boys and girls, see you in the wastes!

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