Saturday, 23 March 2013

Warmaster Cob's Battle Day!

I'd promised Jacob a few games when we had time, and he could have one of his friends over to play too. We decided to play Relics as he was most of the way through painting his army and was itching to put them to the field against my Nuem:

The Boys have deployed their Orcnar and i have my Nuem

Turn 1: Our forces ran forwards to meet the enemy head on!

Turn 2: The Paenitentiam ruin the Unmman unit as an Eiotan mashes up a Dedicatus!

Turn 3: The Orcnar grind down the Nuem

Turn 4: The Nuem are on the ropes as the last few fall :-(

Victory for Warmaster Cob and Griffin
...And in now way did they gloat!


  1. Hahaha! Excellent stuff!

    I took Molly to 4tK today and she loved looking around. Then she told me she wanted to go home and make a collage picture out of flock.

    'Not at a fiver a pot,' I told her.

  2. It was fun yeah, i realised at the end they had a lot more points on the field than me... im blaming my crushing defeat on that hehe!

    You need hobbycraft for flock collages, they have all the train set stuff in more reasonably priced packs dude! Hope she didnt grump too much!


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