Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Years and goodbye to 2015

Again getting this in early as my cherubs have had us awake since 3am and we definitely wont see midnight in d'oh!

Another great year has flown by, ive painted a grand total of 784 models in the last 12 months, including around 350 for clients from space ships to blood bowl teams, and elves to warmaster lizardmen. Not as many as last year but i was quite ill for October and November so lost a considerable amount of time there.

I have painted three large warmachine armies for myself and made a lot of headway through my beloved wasteman range... I intended to have them all done but real life and the holidays have put paid to that!

Last years vows were:

1) Fully painted Farrow army
2) Fully painted Gators army
3) Fully painted Pulp City
4) Fully painted Darklands

1) Thats a yep!
2) Croaks and river raiders to go fail
3) Not even started!
4) About 30 to go but progress has stalled with the rulebook delays :-(

For 2016 i vow:

1) Fully painted for Warmachine & Hordes
2) Fully painted for Darklands
3) Fully painted Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War

See you all in 2016!!!


  1. Always nice to see other people their good intentions :-)! Best of luck!

    1. Cheers, ideally i'd love to clear my entire back log of unpainted stuff but it's not going to happen so I try for realistic goals!


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