Monday, 14 December 2015

Lord of the Rings Commission: Knights, Rangers and a Fat Goblin

A few quickies for this project for my regular client, he has a tourney on sunday and asked if i was free to get a few reinforcements painted for his Gondor and Moria forces as he isnt sure what he wants to run yet:

Faramir, The Ranger


Durburz, The Goblin King

Knights of Minas Tirith

I have one more model to finish off for these tomorrow, to deliver to my client as work is fortuitously sending me to his home town on thursday haha  


  1. Out of all of these I like the Goblin King best, he just oozes character. Faramir and Madril are a bit dark imho, but it could be because of the camera.
    The knights look great too. Superb speedpainting you did on them.

    1. Durburz was great to paint yeah, I am sorely tempted with an orc force for the game having painted him up!


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