Saturday, 5 December 2015

Thornfall Alliance: Pigbuses... Millions of them!!!!!

Its been quite a few months since i needed to buy something for my piggies to the recent releases have been greatly anticipated haha:

Brigand Warlord (UA)

Effarit Scouts

Meat Thresher 1

Meat Thresher 2

Meat Thresher 3

Yes i have bought three of the crazy Farrow Battle Engines, and will be using all three in one list at a tourney tomorrow at least once!


  1. They sure have gotten a lot of love.
    There isn't a single entry I don't like.
    Your painting style also fits the farrows like a glove.

    1. Cheers yeah I do love painting the pigs haha!

      Played one game with the triple buses, lost but the list has some potential with tweeking


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