Sunday, 28 May 2017

Age of Sigmar: Skull Cannon and Herald

First of several planned Skull Cannons for my growing legion, and a Bloodmaster Herald that comes with the kit but only gets used in the Blood Throne version.

Skull Cannons are normally a bit crap, but there are two battalions that really help them out, and im building towards one of those hehe.... Shooting in the hero phase is a really good buff!


  1. Somehow I feel like they could have done so much more with the Skull cannon model.
    I love the deep red of your demons and the Herald is spot on.

    1. Aye this mario kart thing is not a good model, I was tempted to use 40k forge fiends as them but I need three and they cost twice as much!

    2. Pfff, that's quite a price difference 😕.

    3. Yep, I can get a decent discount through my local store but it's still double the mario kart haha.

      Painted to fit in with the rest of my force it's not as bad as I first thought, far from great though!

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