Monday, 29 May 2017

Marvel Proxies: Scarlet Witch and Warmachine

Two iconic characters from the Avengers; one got a leaked card but no model, the other (Warmachine) had neither, but a fan created card exists on the custom facebook group that looks usable and balanced enough:

Scarlet Witch


This movie version of Scarlet Witch is Jinx from Hasslefree Miniatures modern adventurers series, she is much smaller than a regular 35mm Knight model but she can work as a teenager easy enough.

Warmachine is based off an Infinity Haqquislam Azra'il model with a Hasslefree mini gun attached to the shoulder. The head is from a spare Iron Patriot i have from a dark avengers set i picked up for conversion purposes.


  1. This must have been a lot of fun, searching for the right parts and models.
    They really look their part (I had to search them up though), but the minigun is perhaps a bit too large 😊.
    Nice work!

    1. Hehe I cheated a bit with these two, a guy on the marvel fb group showed a great conversion of warmachine so I shamelessly robbed the idea... he's a little big but will do!

      Hasslefree do a couple that would work but their range is proper 28mm so I have to be careful which characters I represent from it


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