Monday, 8 May 2017

The Walking Dead: All Out War

I have been tasked with painting up the models from The Walking Dead: All Out War box game, and will eventually have all the expansions and booster sets to do! I have completed the six survivor models so far:

Rick & Carl Grimes

Derek, Patrick, Liam & Sandra

Despite being one piece plastic models, these are easily some of the best models i've worked on so far; the detail is crisp and the models are characterful yet simple to paint up... I take my hat off to Mantic, these are great minis!

The Walkers in the box are twelve individual sculpts so im going to tackle them in two batches of six so should have another post on these a bit later in the week.


  1. That's something very different all of the sudden 😊.
    While the grass bases look a bit too clean for my taste, the miniatures themselves look fabulous.

  2. I haven't really got the right stuff in to make a decent gravel or road basing.

    The first six zombies are almost complete, they look even better than the survivors!

  3. Histoire can toi send other photos and tellement me what colors you used? On particular for the skin tone I liké it very much


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