Monday, 2 February 2015

Lord of the Rings Commission: Elf Characters

First commission of the year and its a new one for me in some lord of the rings minis! I never played this during the time of the films but always admired the minis and how accurate they were in portraying the cast.

Elladan & Elrohr
Elrond & Gil-Galad
More to follow as my client gets the rest of his force together :-D


  1. Seems like LOTR is getting back on the radar.
    I've seen the miniatures pop up on many fora.
    Of course, they are excellent sculpts and deserve some more spotlight.

    Nice work by the way! Especially on Arwen.
    Btw, I was wondering if you were going to participate in the World of Twilight painting competition?

  2. Cheers mate,

    I will do if I have time, how long does it run for?

    1. Until the end of March.
      Every end of the month a winner is chosen.


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