Thursday, 5 February 2015

Spotlight: Deadzone Plastics Review

Tom at Cymbeline Games recently passed me some of the new Deadzone plastics to have a look at and paint up a few for him:

First up is one of the Plague Zombies from the Apokalypse set:
This is a quality kit, lots of variation is possible within even a large unit so you can build every member uniquely. The kit comes with separate heads (Some with a helmet), torsos, arms and legs so you can build up dead Corp troopers and civilians to your hearts content.


Next up is a Forgefather in Forge Guard Armour:

These I have been waiting to see since they were first previewed in the Deadzone kickstarter and im not disappointed! The kit comes with separate shoulder plate, torso, arms, legs and gun. Most of the parts are completely interchangeable but a few are lettered up as they will only fit certain torsos etc. There is a variety of weapons provided such as big cannon attachments but I went for a simple machine gun for my demo model.

Lastly is an Enforcer in Peacekeeper Armour:

Peacekeeper Armour is bigger than the standard Enforcers and was first seen on the original metal Captain that I painted up a couple of years ago for Cymbeline Games also. Like the pervious kits there are plenty of build options for these with separate heads, torsos arms and legs, and again a few are lettered up. I left the mold line on the front leg to show how small they are and it only takes a few seconds to clean these newer plastics up.
These kits really do set a new benchmark for Mantic, the Kings of War zombies and skeleton's were for ages my favourites they make but these are a hole new level of awesome! When Warpath gets its revamp im sure it will be something quite special given how good the current Deadzone goodies are. 

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