Saturday, 7 February 2015

Trollbloods: The start of something silly...

Veteran Warmachine players often have a small side project to run alongside their main factions, and this is mine... The start of a Trollbloods Calandria Evolutionary Elemental Tier list!

This tier rewards you for going nuts with the elemental light beasties making them cheaper and having advance deployment haha. Below is the fruits of todays labours:

Pyre Troll 1
Winter Troll
Slag Troll 1
Slag Troll 2
I'm planning on making an eGrissel list to partner it at events as it will use a lot of the same infantry, just swapping out all those lights for MULLLLLGGGGGGGG! and an Impaler!
More to follow soon hehe, I have to be quick tho as a special project is on route...

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