Friday, 20 February 2015

Wrath of Kings: Shael Han

My new project! A Shael Han force for Wrath of Kings, a game funded a year ago on kickstarter but now the backers are starting to receive their goodies. I didn't back the game as I had too much going on at the time but a few weeks ago a mate was interested in starting it up on release.

We downloaded the rules and studied the background and model range whilst checking ebay for unwanted pledges haha. We stuck gold when we found a Shael Han and a Nasier set going for sensible money so that was us set.

These are the first of range ive painted:


These are some Dragon Legionnaires, the basic rank 1 infantry unit. Individually they are a bit poo, but when grouped together and near their leaders they become quite formidable! Shael Han is a buff faction, I guess similar to pirates in warmachine, so you layer some awesome special abilities on to your troopers and go for the win.

The most surprising thing about the Wrath of Kings range is the material the models are made from, its like restic 2.0, there were only two models in my entire 40 man haul with sizable mold lines on their legs, and even these were straight forward to clean up.

With beautiful models and a decent looking rules set I have to recommend Wrath of Kings to anyone looking for a new system!


  1. I only have the book, but it is a solid system. Nice fluff inside the book too.
    I like your miniatures and the colours you put on them.
    If I would start building an army it would be Goritsu or Nasier, ... but Hadross and Shael Han look very cool as well. Not a fan of Teknes though.

  2. I have a book coming from ebay, the pdf is fine for reading up but I want a book to play the game properly yeah.

    The only one I didn't fancy was the Goritsi, I could have done the rest but knew I could do a decent enough job painting these as ive had a tonne of practice on bushido minis haha.

    The teknes I want to see in the flesh so to speak, the pigmans are interesting but the rest like the murder babies im not convinced by!


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