Thursday, 9 April 2015

Circle Orboros Commission: Druid Gone Wilder

Next up for this project is the Druid Gone Wilder, the Con/Web exclusive version of the standard Druid Wilder:


These exclusives are all beer themed and are hilarious additions to your army, my client has the regular version already but wanted this to bust out too.

Not too many more minis left in this part of the project, 6 Reeves and Una the Falconer are all that remain... for now hehe


  1. I quite like how the hair turned out. The Super bright green base makes the green clothing a little muddy I think. I suppose all the bases have to match for all figures?

    1. Cheers, yeah I'm not a fan of coloured front arcs myself but my clients existing army is all done this way so I have to keep it

      All my own forces have the black front which looks better I feel.

  2. I like her, she looks a bit like Poison Ivy ;).


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