Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Relics: Scenario Terrain!

Blast from the past as I have a few days before the next job comes in so Im gonna do a few bits that have been sitting around for a while:

This is the portal and pillars funded as part of the Gamingfunder campaign last year, and I have the rest of my Nuem force halfway through painting hehe


  1. I also have these laying around, perhaps I should do it first. They look easy enough to paint. While I think you did a nice dark earthly colour on them, you should perhaps consider to add some moss or plants on them to give some contrast. It's just an idea.
    Nuem he, I look forward to see them painted.

  2. That's not a bad plan yeah, I will have a look at some grass to colour them up!

    I have another purei, a ruina and 4 equites to do, they are mostly metal so shouldn't take too long to bust out.

    I'm off to salute this wkend, got to pick up a copy of your twilight engineer pledge mini hehe, it looks really cool!


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