Monday, 20 April 2015

Wasteman: Painting the Wastelands

First off a big shout out to my mate Sherwin for his help in painting the basecoats and teaching me the kung fu of decent rust effect on Saturday. I have been able to get the rest of the rust done in about an hour today with all the paints drying really quickly in the sun!

The blighted rad dunes are still WIP but the basics are done and they are playable haha, roll on November and the rest of the range!


  1. Always great when terrain start getting paint. Really ties the games together!

    1. Aye this is gonna kickass when it's does! These secret weapon boards are so much better than the gw battleboards

  2. These Secret Weapon boards are indeed fantastic.
    I have some rolling fields demo boards and look forward to start painting them once I have more time.
    Your table looks great, just the right colours for a mutant filled wasteland ;). Very cool rust effects, care to share your secret?

  3. Looking good... Love me some post apocalyptic goodness!

  4. Cheers guys!

    The rust method my mate showed me was the following colours stippled on top of each other:

    Dryad bark
    doombull brown
    skrag brown
    troll slayer orange

    then a wash of sepia over the rust and surrounding areas, and a last stipple of the orange if needed


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