Saturday, 7 November 2015

Legion of Everblight: Mack daddy Thags

Thagrosh, the original Pimp Daddy of Hordes haha, now in Con Limited Painter of Everblight form:

And a second Bloodseer i picked up cheap in an ebay auction ;-D


  1. While your miniatures are gorgeously painted, the grass finish on the base disturbs me a bit. A more icy cold finish might have looked better ;-).
    I would love to see some more angles from Thagrosh though, he looks great.

  2. Haha I wanted to standardise all my hordes stuff so I could use some of my farrow or gatorman minions with the legion stuff and it not look odd. I see some peeps armies in battle reports and it just looks weird!

    If I had no existing minion stuff the legion bases would have been a bit more elaborate hehe

    1. That sounds like a good excuse :-).
      I agree with you, mixing different base topings (if not done on each miniature) makes a force look weird.

    2. You see some forces that even faction models have different basing and arc markings they look ridiculous!


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