Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lord of the Rings Commission: Thorin's Company

For the last two days i have been working on Thorin's Company from The Hobbit game for my existing client who i have painted all the previous LoTR entries for. He asked if i could do them in the official scheme (Best as i could do!) from the Goblin Town Box:

Kili, Fili and Bofur

Nori, Dori and Gloin

Bombur, Bifur and Ori

Balin, Dwalin and Oin

Bilbo Baggins

As before the bases are left just blacked as my client has his own basing to match his armies. A few more to come from this project in the next day or so....


  1. Very characterful models and you did a great job on them. I'm missing Gandalf though.
    Shame we won't see them with their basing.

  2. I did Gandalf a few months ago hehe, and he has lent his Thorin to a friend so I will be painting him in the near future too.


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