Friday, 20 November 2015

Relics: The Horror!!!! C'thu coming to Kickstarter

A big announcement was posted up on Tor Gaming and the Relics facebook group

Thats right, The C'thu will be makin an appearance on the tabletops of 2016 yes!

There is a counter running now here which puts at a January 6th kick off at around 6pm :-D

The only other image i could track down of C'thu art is this promo postcard featuring a battle with the Orcnar:

I shall be covering the ks as much as possible and will be painting up my Ridend and remaining Nuem in the run up and throughout. Jacob and i love relics so will be following with interest!

Edit: Not long after posting this Tor released some new concepts!

Proper badass!!!


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  2. Time to get my Orcnar, Britanans and Nuem painted, ...
    Well, after Pulp City and Battletech that is, ... Luckily I'm having a holiday between Christmas and New Year.
    Strange they turn to KS this time.
    Didn't they use a crowdfunder platform of their own last time, and Indiegogo before that?

    1. Yeah the Nuem were an indiegogo campaign, the reinforcements were kickstarter and the second batch was gamingfunder haha

      The Ridend sculpts are awesome and I have high hopes for these too


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