Sunday, 1 November 2015

Legion of Everblight: Once more unto the Blight!

Well October was a proper washout, my illness came back with avengence and i achieved diddly squat!

I'm all recovered now and to get my painting mojo back on i decided to get painting up some of my recent Legion acquisitions as they are nice and simple to do and i have been dojoing list ideas with my mates at Imperishable Dominion and so am really keen to get them on the table:


Nephilim Bloodseer


Spell Martyrs


  1. Again, beautiful work, I love the skintone.
    I had not seen the Bloodseer before, it looks like he's an amazing model.

    1. Aye it's a sneaky light beast that can cast other beasts animi and gives a hit bonus for spells cast at targets within 5 inches of it... plays a bit like the skorne cyclops shaman.

      I have another one to build, they are pretty funky with angelius and saeryn as they can use repulsion and saeryn makes them untargetable in melee for a round so you can dominate one zone missions


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